Sweet Anna

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With two children it gets more and more difficult for me to slow down and take notice of the unique little things that each of them do on a daily basis. It takes my breath away that our sweet Anna will be one in less than two months! I just wanted to take a few minutes to write down some of the cute things that she’s doing right now because I know before long she’ll have moved on to new ones. Thank you, God, for blessing us with this lovely child!

Anna went through this stage where she would cock her head to one side, especially while eating, to get our attention. She looks so cute with the side of her head touching her shoulder and her smirkey little smile glowing at you. She also randomly puts her arms above her head when she slows down after eating as if to say, “Hey, I’m SO BIG, remember?!?”

As laid back as Anna is in most areas, when it comes to eating, you better not mess around. If the food doesn’t come soon enough or fast enough, IT IS ON! Her appetite is outrageous and she now drinks milk out of a cup with a straw – no baby sippy cups for her!

Anna basks in the glow of any attention, but lately has been making friends with trees of all kind. She just talks to any and every tree she sees with serious baby talk. Her little “words” are just so sweet. Her other obsession is babies. She gives real kisses when asked and gives them babies even when not asked! It just melts my heart.

She’s cruising along right now – on her feet that is. She still has no desire to move on her tummy, but stand her at the window seat or in front of something she can grasp and she’ll stand there for 30 minutes. Audrey is constantly worried about her falling and will sit behind her, “just in case,” but truth of the matter is she’s very steady on her feet and I think she just may skip the crawling phase altogether.

Bath time is a hoot with Anna. She gets her little arms going so fast making splashes in the tub that she almost loses her balance. She’s been known to get as much water out of the tub as in the tub, but has a ball doing it! I have a feeling she’ll be a little fish.

Anna is also obsessed with light switches. She wants to turn off all the lights when we leave a room and she’s very good at it. She almost has the hang of turning them on, as well. The other thing she’s trying to wrap her little mind around is mirrors. I’ll hold her in the bathroom and we’ll look at ourselves in the mirror. She’ll smile at me in the mirror and then turn to face me and just look at me with this amazed expression like “are you really here, too?” It’s just so funny!

Her first tooth poked through on September 17th – bottom tooth – and the one next to it is almost through. Just like Audrey, she’s not real fussy at all, although I think she tends to get diarrhea when a new tooth starts coming – strange but true.

Her first love is still her big sister with her Daddy a close second. She gets so excited when he comes home and her smile lights up the world.

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