Summer Recap

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My posts this summer were few and far between. I think about topics all day long, as things happen, and then when evening rolls around and I actually have time to write, I just want to veg and turn my brain off from the chaos of the day…I need to get better about that. Anyway, since it’s officially Fall now, I thought I would post a recap (of sorts) via memories and pictures to chronicle summer 2007. Here are just a few of the many great memories from the past few months…

Summer Spoiling with Nana, Caitlyn & Nora
As I wrapped up my last few months of work at the church, we were blessed to have Caitlyn, a high school student from our church, my mom and my sister Nora helping us out with watching the girls throughout the summer months. Audrey and Anna were sufficiently spoiled by all and had so much fun getting all that great attention! I think it even made up for all of the stress of having to keep the house clean for showings:

Trip to Phoenix
We visited Justin’s sister and her boyfriend, Dave, at their beautiful home in Pheonix. It was the girls’ first airplane ride and they were awesome! Audrey freaked out a little when we initially got on the plane, but by 15 minutes into the flight she was sitting in her own seat and playing with the windows. Phoenix is a beautiful city and glasses of ice water don’t sweat a bit! Audrey loved playing in the pool and Anna basked in the glow of all the extra attention from Aunt Amy. Thanks, Amy and Dave, for your hospitality!

Vacation Bible School (VBS)
This was the first year Audrey could participate in VBS. I signed up to be a crew leader for her age group (3’s) so I could lead her group and it ended up being quite an adventure! I had a boisterous group made all the more difficult because Audrey started by being quite clingy – 350 kids all in one place IS a bit overwhelming! By the end of the week, though, we had figure it out and it was a lot of fun for all!

Grant’s Farm
We headed out to Grant’s farm for a family adventure. Months later, we STILL are talking about the goats that tried to eat Audrey’s shorts! I love all the fun family activities that are available in St. Louis!

First Swim Lessons
Audrey took her first swim lessons this summer. The Wheels on the Bus activity was the best part – she was even putting her face in and jumping in by the end of the class.

Baby Will Arrives
After much anticipation, Little William Frederick was born on June 4th. He entered the world as perfect as could be – he just gave his poor Mommy & Daddy a few scares in the process. We love little Will with all our heart. He adds so much to our family! Anna douses him with kisses and lights up when he’s around. Audrey takes such great care of him and can’t wait “until he and Anna are older and I can play ring around the rosy with them!”

Audrey & Anna’s Great Adventure with Nana, Gramps & Nora
My parents ventured in the land of the unknown by taking the girls on a weekend trip up to Northern Illinois for my cousin’s college graduation party. Justin and I were on a weekend trip, so they had the girls all to themselves (with the help of Nora) for a 6 hour trip each way and 3 days away from home. All went marvelously well until the trip home when they got a flat tire in our van. Hanging out in the weedy ditch on the side of the road, Mom managed to feed Nora and even get Audrey to a bathroom in the nick of time! The girls had a blast on their adventure!

Audrey Turns 3
After a year of anticipation for the big “Zoo Party,” the big day finally arrived and Audrey was in all her glory. Tons of family and friends, including Audrey’s best friend next door, Emily, helped us celebrate the milestone of our little girl turning 3 years old – unbelievable. The zoo theme was fun for all and the big hits were mints from Ms. Kim, the princess tent and the birthday cake play dough which is still getting lots of use. Audrey’s already making plans for next year:)

Camp Arcadia
No summer of ours would be complete without our annual dose of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation at Camp Arcadia, MI. This year was our 3rd year and it was better thanever. Audrey was able to be part of “The Ark,” a daily preschool class and there was a new nursery for Anna, so Justin and I were able to attend the daily adult program together. The weather was beautiful and new improvements to the camp made for a picture perfect vacation. Audrey’s performance in the talent show with the rest of her Ark class was the perfect ending to a perfect vacation and we’re still looking for Titus the turtle in every magical, mystical forest we see! Her “teachers” Ms. Janice and Leah were just wonderful with her. Anna, of course, was the envy of every parent in the nursery when they saw how she went to sleep on her own, slept through the chaos and was basically just her wonderful, little self. How many weeks until next year?

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