Memories…Light the Corner of My Mind

by | Nov 23, 2005 | Uncategorized

Time is sliping away. Every day I look at the miracle of a child that God gave to us and I try to burn her voice, her expressions, & her quirky little motions into my mind. I don’t ever want to forget any memory of her, yet I find myself doing just that every day. I think to myself, what did she do when she was 3 months old? What did she look like when she was 9 months old? Here she is, only 15 months old and I’m already forgetting the subtle memories of her babyhood.

One of the blessings of being a parent is that each age, each stage seems to be the best, yet! The flip side is that life gets in the way each and every day. I find myself having to make time to just sit and watch her. To ward off the nagging ambitions that drive me to do, do, do and just soak in the moments of her reality – that precious innocence that never ceases to amaze me and always makes me grateful for the lessons she teaches me.

In an effort to combat the creeping fingers of time, I’m determined to use this blog as a means to record my thoughts, feelings and memories of Audrey’s childhood. I haven’t been good about putting things in her babybook and really the only record I have are my posts on our family web site. I’ve been wanting to journal more, so I figure this is about as good a reason as any! Maybe in a few years, Audrey will read these posts and get a glimpse of just how much I loved her from the very first time I saw her face and she became real.

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