A Little Piece of Heaven Right Here on Earth

by | Aug 21, 2005 | Travel

At the beginning of this month, we took our first family vacation. Having never been to Camp Arcadia before, we didn’t have many expectations other than getting away from the chaos of everyday life for 7 WHOLE DAYS! To say we were pleasantly surprised was an understatement. Camp Arcadia is a paradise island in the stormy seas of life. When you arrive there, you just feel as though you are home. A home that feels as though it’s from ages past, yet strangely

familiar. A home that you almost want to keep secret for fear that allowing the world to know would change it. A home that you know must be guarded by angels because it feels like heaven right here on earth.

It took Justin a few days to adjust to the idea that laying around doing nothing was actually one of the reasons we went to Camp Arcadia! His antsyness finally gave way to a reluctant rest and Audrey had her first taste of the beach…literally! The deans for our weekend were wonderful and gave us plenty of new thoughts to chew on. We are not g0-getters when it comes to meeting new people, so we kept mostly to ourselves and that was just fine.

Just a few memories…unbelievable sunsets and the sound of the waves hitting the shore. Discovering Audrey’s fascination for flowers as she ferociously held the delicate pettles as though she would never let them go! Justin dancing the Virginia Reel AND LIKING IT! Petoskey stones, walks on the beach and down by the cottages, long naps, fun music, talent shows, great food, perfect weather, ice cream in the WigWam, Taps, reveille, and so much more.

It was a week packed with fun memories and we can’t wait to go back (hopefully with more of our family members next year)! Long-live RKD!

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