Letting Go

by | Jun 20, 2012 | Anxiety, Uncategorized

Let it go.  Three little words that seem so simple, yet they hold a conflict that rests deep within me.  I seek the still because my life is anything but still.  My thoughts are in a constant state of flurry, my worries threaten to do me in, and the activities of life always take more time than I have to give.  On top of the chaos, I hold on to people and things in an effort to control the uncontrollable.

I dropped off my youngest daughter at cheer camp yesterday from the car line for the first time.  As she walked toward the tent all by her lonesome, my stomach dropped, and I fretted.  What if she doesn’t know where she’s going?  Will she ask someone if she needs help?  I’m so not ready to let her go.  

And yet, we must let go.  Of our children, of our worry, of the schedules that cannot be kept.  Holding on to the worries and distractions of life is no way to live.  I teach that to my children, why can I not live my own advice?  Thinking that I’m really in control is just a fallacy, anyway – something to make me feel more secure in a world that is anything but safe and secure.

I think it boils down to one word…trust.  Who do I put my trust in?  The honest answer is myself.  I feel responsible for those around me and deep down I know that I will fail them eventually.  So I worry and fret and hold on.  But every once in awhile, in my quest to seek the still, I remember.  I remember that I am not the one in control even when I think I am.  For all my efforts and good intentions, there is an Architect of Life smarter and kinder and more loving than I could ever hope to be.  And He wants me to let go.  Let go and give it all to Him.  My kids and my relationships and my plans, He wants me to lay them all down in His hands.

What freedom that brings!  Can you let it go today?  Whatever is worrying you or sucking you into the quagmire of doubt, can you give up control and give it to God?  There is still there, I promise.  It’s waiting right on the other side.  Reach out and grab it today.  Let it go, live, and dance in joy!


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