Summer Possibilities

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Summer is a delicate balance of exuberant energy and decadent downtime.  Every year I look forward to summer with childlike glee in my heart, especially as I experience it through the eyes of my children.  In all my planning glory, I try every year to design that mythical “perfect summer.”  Yet, what I’ve learned is the more I plan, the more often I am disappointed when events do not match up to the perfection I dream up in my head.  This isn’t just a lesson I’ve learned about summer, it also translates to the rest of my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe dreams and plans are beautiful and necessary, but I’m learning to leave the details in my head a bit more fuzzy than I used to.  The truth is that God has dreams and plans way bigger than mine could ever be.  He also has the unique power to make them come true.  So instead of planning every moment and every detail, I’m learning to leave days, even weeks, blissfully open and free.  To savor the anticipation of simple moments that occur naturally in a lazy day of snuggles , impromptu games, and creative inspiration.  In a world that is chronically over-scheduled and chaotic, I’m staking a claim on my summer.  Weaving a balance of activities and nothingness that I hope will gently feed our souls and relationships during the upcoming season.

All too soon, school time will return.  Both of my beautiful girls will be in school all day for the  first time.  Our lives will continue to get busier and busier as they spread their wings toward the future.  So I’m making a pledge today to soak it all in.   Every.  Last.  Moment.  Wondering what God has in store…

Sidenote:  By popular request, we are having “summer school” over the next few months.  No schedules or expectations, just lots and lots of reading and creative inspiration to fuel our love for learning and each other.  I’m happy to share these amazing resources we’re using.  Each of them are by authors that I truly treasure.  My inner child is squealing with glee!

Available at

The Story of the World Volume 1: Ancient Times by Susan Wise Bauer 
The Story of the World Activity Book by Susan Wise Bauer 
Drawing with Children by Mona Brookes
Bach and Beethoven from the Great Musician Series by Opal Wheeler
A Child’s Geography: Explore His Earth by Ann Voskamp
A Child’s Seasonal Treasury by Betty Jones (out of print)
The Rhythm of Family by Amanda and Stephen Soule

How will you leave space in your summer for God to work miracles?  Won’t you please share?!?

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