The “Art” of Living

by | Jun 22, 2012 | Uncategorized | 3 comments

Creating breathes art.  Letting lose on a blank page completes me as nothing else.  Strange how the act of creating, doing, can bring so much stillness to life.  Writing sets me free, letting the thoughts out, so life can fill in.  What is art to you?  Cooking a new recipe.  Planting a flower.  Covering a new canvas with images from your dreams.  I don’t define art the way I used to, limited to the traditional means.  Art is the way you live. It’s what you create on a day to day basis.  Sometimes you can see it.  Other times it’s wrapped up in the lullabies you sing to your children at night.  Always, it’s a release of some kind that lets a bit of yourself out into the world.  We were made to create art, just as creation does.  The colors of the sunset and the songs of the robin remind us…to create art is to live.

Five Minute Friday
Yikes!  This was my first attempt at Five Minute Fridays where you set a timer and write for 5 minutes about whatever comes into your head.  Frightening and liberating all at the same time!  I do believe that I’ll do it again!

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