The Great Escape of Spring '06

by | Apr 12, 2006 | Uncategorized | 1 comment

We narrowly escaped a catastrophe last weekend. Audrey is at that stage where she is starting to be sneaky, even if she doesn’t know it, yet. I was pulling out of our garage in the Blazer on my way to run some errands when Justin opened the door and beckoned me to pull back in. He had put the stroller in the Blazer and wanted me to take the car so he could take Audrey to the indoor playground at the Mills later that morning.

Unbeknown to both of us, during the short amount of time Justin was standing at the open door, Audrey had walked right by him down the garage steps. Justin shut the door, I pulled into the garage, got out of the Blazer and headed to the car. Suddenly I heard loud crying, too loud to be coming from the house. My heart stopped. I ran over by the door and saw Audrey lying on the cold garage floor. She must have tripped over something – thank God! If she hadn’t tripped and cried out, I never would have known she was in there and, God-forbid, could have backed right out of the garage and never seen her.

Before having a child, I never quite understood how freak accidents happen. You hear stories about a parent running over their child in the driveway and you wonder how they could be so careless. Frankly, it’s amazing things like that don’t happen more often. You turn your back and…boom. Audrey’s guardian angel was looking over her that day.

The worries I had when Audrey was an infant seem like a piece of cake to me now. One of my good friends once told me the following: “Little kids, little worries. Big kids, BIG worries!” How true that now seems! The worst part is that Audrey is not really that big…just think what we have to look forward to!

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