Come Sail Away

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About a month ago, my Mom & Dad were over to watch Audrey and my Dad says, “by the way, I just bought a sailboat this week.” Say what?!? My Dad has never captained a sailboat in his life. In fact, I think he has only been on one or two his entire life and that was solely as a passenger. My initial reaction was one of skepticism and disbelief, but once I got over the initial shock I was really impressed that he had the guts to go out and do something like this for himself.

My Dad is the kind of guy who never splurges on himself. He doesn’t give a hoot about material things or about what others think of him. I think he’s only purchased 1 or 2 new cars in his life, never spent money on golf or other expensive hobbies, always put his “girls” first and himself last. About 20 years ago, he left a well-paying job as a school administrator with a promising career path to lead a more simple life in a more simple town and ended up being a very inspirational figure in many childrens’ lives as a 7th grade teacher and basketball coach. A rewarding career, but certainly not in monetary terms. This was his chance to fullfill a dream he’s always had and I applaud him for going for it!

Here’s a picture of The Sierra, his 25 foot sail boat docked at Carlyle Lake.

Audrey and I went to see Gramp’s boat for the first time last weekend. Sailing is an extremely complex activity that requires several people’s skill. Just looking at all of the ropes and pulleys was enough to scare me off. Everyone is still learning the ropes, literally, so we just motored out and motored back. It’s a beautiful lake and a beautiful boat. I look forward to many sunny days aboard The Sierra and can’t wait for Audrey and Anna to enjoy learning to sail with Nana and Gramps. But most of all, it’s fun to see my Dad so excited about something. I haven’t seen him look so youthful or content in a long time. Way to go, Dad! May you sail off into many beautiful sunsets! You deserve it!

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