Behold, The Miracle of Anna Marie

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Our ultrasound appointment was exactly 2 weeks ago on August 2nd – right at 20 weeks. The first half of my pregnancy seemed to fly by this time. I remember with Audrey that it seemed to take FOREVER for the much-anticipated ultrasound date to finally arrive. This time it felt like I blinked and it was here. Justin and I took Audrey with us and tried to prepare her as much as possible for what was about to happen. We had been talking about the baby in Mommy’s belly for a few weeks, but those conversations went so well that Audrey thinks she has a baby in her belly, too. We explained that we were going to see the baby on a TV when Mommy went to the doctor and that it wouldn’t hurt Mommy. Audrey is very concerned these days about booboos or hurts of any kind- in fact, obsessed is a better word – so, it was important for her to know that Mommy was ok.

After a painful 20 minutes of hanging out in the waiting room with a FULL bladder, the ultrasound technician called us in. I didn’t really have a hunch this time whether it was a boy or a girl, so I was itching to find out. After showing us the heart chambers, brain sections and every other amazing thing that you can see on an ultrasound, the technician FINALLY asked if we wanted to find out the sex of the baby. Why do they wait until the end of the exam to tell you, anyway? I had been looking the entire time to see if I could tell. By the lack of seeing anything hanging around, my guess was that it was a girl – I was right! Justin’s first words were “we won’t have to buy anything” and mine were “Audrey will have a sister!” Audrey was much too concerned about Mommy not being “hurt” to really pay much attention at all – bless her little heart.

Here are the amazing pictures of our little Anna Marie. According to all of the blood tests and the ultrasound, she is a perfectly healthy little girl just growing and waiting to make her way into our loving arms! Due date is still December 17th.

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Front View

We love you, Anna!

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