Words from a 2-year-old

by | Jul 16, 2007 | Uncategorized

It’s becoming increasingly difficult/funny to explain complex concepts to Audrey because the short, child-friendly explanation is sometimes no longer sufficient for her and it’s so funny the way she sometimes gets things mixed up. Some cases in point:

#1. The other day she was singing and doing the actions to the song “Were you there” on her VBS DVD. She said, “why are those girls sad, mom?” I said, “because they are singing about when Jesus died.” “Why did Jesus die, mom?” she asked. “He died so that we can be with Him in heaven someday,” I said. “After three days, He rose again, on Easter morning and we are so happy that He lives with us always!” Then she says, “Yeah, Jesus is SOOOO happy when we sings songs to Him and he DIES when we don’t!”

#2. Tonight Justin and I were telling Audrey her bedtime stories and I said her “Jesus Prayer.” She said “Amen” when I was finished and I said, “Amen means ‘let it be so.'” She said, “what does Jesus mean, mom?” I said, “it means Christ or Savior.” She said very mater-of-factly, “Yeah, Jesus saves us and cows give us milk.” And that was the end of that!

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