I Cut Hair At Least As Well As Great Clips

by | May 27, 2007 | Uncategorized

So, either Justin really trusts me or he just really doesn’t care about his appearance. We purchased an electric razor with guides, so we can save a few bucks by having me cut Justin’s hair. Today was the first attempt and I must say it didn’t end in disaster, which is what I was afraid would happen based on my butchered attempts to cut Audrey’s bangs in the past.

Justin happily reported that I did at least as well as some of his worst cuts at Great Clips, which I proudly took as a compliment considering I had no idea what I was doing. Don’t look too closely or you’ll see my feeble attempt at blending a #2 on the bottom with a #7 on the top. The good news is I’ll have plenty more chances to perfect my technique. At least I haven’t been fired, yet!

Audrey, by the way, in keeping with her tendency to copy every thing I do, gave both Anna and Misty a hair cut with her invisible razor and I must say that they look divine!

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