Up, Up and Away

by | Mar 24, 2009 | Uncategorized | 1 comment

Have you ever had dream where you were flying? Not a nightmare, but an exhilarating flying dream where soaring in the sky was as natural as walking on the ground? I completely forgot about my childhood flying dreams until a few months ago when reading a book that described how children who feel safe & secure often have vivid, joyful, recurring dreams of flying. I don’t remember the exact age I experienced those dreams (early school years, I think), but I do remember those almost nightly dreams that were so real. I constantly had to tell myself that they were dreams and that I really hadn’t been on amazing flying adventures the night before. How could I have forgotten that feeling of complete freedom, the breeze on my face and the security I felt as I soared through the sky?

Growing up is a painful process in more ways than one. Even now I see how the world (myself included) does everything possible to shred away childhood and force our children to grow up much too soon. Imagination, creativity, and, yes, flying dreams, are replaced by worry, rules and logic. My eyes literally fill with tears at the very thought. That’s why it was so precious to me this morning while outside with the girls when I saw Anna throw her arms out wide in the howling wind, turn to look at me, and say in her sweet voice, “Anna fly up there! Anna fly, mama.” She pointed to the puffy white clouds against the blue sky and tried for several minutes to ride the wind and fly. It never even occurred to her that she couldn’t fly or that it was silly to even try.

The innocence of youth is so precious. Time does not stop, though we beg. I know that one day I really will fly. I will fly to the arms of the One who set the very wheels of time in motion. He has loved me, and you, since time began. Until then, I will hope for my flying dreams to someday return and rejoice as I see my own young daughters take flight.

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