Total Truth Tuesday

by | Sep 8, 2015 | Anxiety | 3 comments

I’ve heard numerous times lately that a sign of good emotional intelligence is the ability to laugh at oneself.  This is not something that comes naturally to me, and since the topics of my posts have been on the heavy side, I decided to inject a bit of self deprecation here.  Thus…Total Truth Tuesdays are born!  Every Tuesday I will share a quirk, little-known fact about myself, or humiliating story.  Nothing like sharing my neurosis with the world to break any preconceived notions that I have it all together.  If you know me IRL (in real life), all the better.  You will now know my secrets:)

One of the basic tenants of cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety is called exposure treatment.  If you have a phobia, you slowly expose yourself to it, a bit at a time until your body no longer responds with a fight or flight adrenaline surge.  The same concept can be used to combat perfectionism, of which I am offender numero uno.  The idea is that you intentionally do something imperfectly and allow yourself to not be bothered by it. I I once did this when Justin put Orange soap in all our clear soap dispensers and can proudly say I left it in there until it was gone.  This was much more difficult than you might assume.

But today’s Total Truth Tuesday is not something I intentionally did to expose myself to imperfection, it’s just something that is weird and completely uncharacteristic.  Take a look at the following picture of the current state of my mud room/laundry room.  Count the three, yes three pairs of snow boots that have remained in this same position since the last time it snowed – approximately 7 months ago.  I walk past these boots mutliple times a day and have never picked them up or moved them out of the way.  There is a swimming bag on the shelf directly above them.  I have no explanation, folks.  I have cleaned around them and walked around them for months.  It’s just plain weird.  The good news is we are ready for winter!


Care to share your own random truths?  Comment here or on Facebook.  It’s freeing, people!  Try it!  Are you laughing?  I am laughing!

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