Total Truth Tuesday: I Forget to Pray

by | Dec 9, 2015 | Faith, Prayer | 2 comments

I sat at my work desk clicking away, ear buds flowing music. Someone popped their head into the doorway and asked to speak with me. I share a room with three other people, so the two of us sought a bit of privacy in the corner of a hallway, and she broke into tears.

This is happening often to me now. Since sharing my story, I’ve become a “knower.” A safe person for friends and strangers to spill their stories. I am honored. I am undeserving. And I am often at a loss for what to say.

She asked me to keep her and the situation in my prayers, and I committed with my head and my heart to do just that.  And I have. Every day since.

So why did I forget to pray with her right then when she was standing within the hold of my arms, tears leaking feelings and vulnerability? Why was it only after she left, sitting at my desk rehashing the conversation in my mind, that I realized I missed the opportunity just then to hold her hand and pray words of love and grace over her.

Total truth today…I have a long way to go before prayer with others comes as naturally as the prayers in my head.

Lord, when opportunities arise. please encourage me to pray for others, with others, in person. Be in our midst, our struggles, our sorrows. Lead me to pray.


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