The Introduction: 31 Days of Seeking The Still

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Note:  This series is not a substitute for therapy and/or medical help.  I am neither a doctor, nor a therapist. I am simply a sojourner sharing my story of hurt, hope, and healing. If you are struggling physically, mentally, or emotionally, please ask for help.  It will be the bravest and wisest thing you ever do.  

It was supposed to be so beautiful, this story of mine.  A fairy tale, really.  It certainly wasn’t supposed to involve an emotional breakdown and a trip to a mental hospital for anxiety and exhaustion.  No, certainly not that.

Seeking The Still started as a way to capture the ordinary moments of raising two lovely daughters with my knight in shining armor.  It was a space to preserve precious memories before the flow of life swept them away.

But this space has now become so much more. It has become sacred ground.  When my life fell apart, I began to learn what Seeking The Still really means.

31daysIn the middle of the storm…be still.

When you don’t know what tomorrow will bring…be still.

In the glow of majestic sunsets…be still.

On your knees…be still.

On the mountain top…be still.

In the pain and panic and uncertainty…be still.

Between inhale and exhale…be still.

In a loving embrace…be still.

No, this series will not be a tidy story of a fairy tale life.  It will be messy and truthful.  For the next 31 days, I will share pieces of my journey, practical coping techniques for dealing with anxiety, spiritual insights, emotional struggles, and a whole lot of other.  I will likely  jump from here to there as the Spirit leads.  I invite you along as I share my experience, my strength, and my hope.  Please check this page every day in October for the latest post or sign up to receive new posts directly in your inbox.  Thank you for being part of this journey with me.  Together, we shall seek the still.


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