Saturday – May 31, 2008

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Glorious Saturday – my day to sleep in as long as I want. I slept until almost 9am this morning and finally only got up after listening to Anna’s whining. Justin and the girls went to Toys R Us to get a small swimming pool. While they were gone I realized that the new Sex and the City movie is now playing and promptly called Sarah to see if she wanted to see it. As luck would have it, she already had plans to go with some of her friends at 12:30.

After a moments hesitation, I decided to call up my friend, Steph, who also lives in that town (and who I haven’t seen in about 2 years) to see if she wanted to go, as well. I’M SO GLAD I CALLED. Even though it was a last minute invitation, Steph was able to go and we got to catch up on our lives. Got to meet her two little sweet ones and have a good conversation with her and her husband about education, homeschooling and raising kids. The movie was good, not great. Lots of great fashion that I will never be able to afford, steamy sex scenes and a few tear jerkers. A great afternoon.

Picked up McDonalds on the way home and just got the kids to bed. I’ve had a headache brewing all day since skipping lunch, eating movie popcorn and greasy dinner. Headed to bed now before a long morning in the AM. It was so nice to catch up with Steph…am NOT going to let it go as long without seeing her this time.

A cute story about Anna: Justin was fixing lunch as I was trying to get out of the door to go to the movie. I heard him say something and then heard a loud, “MaMa” and the pitter patter of little feet running down the hall. Anna “tattled” on Justin the entire way to my bathroom in her gibberish way. There was not mistaking the fact that she was NOT happy with her daddy and was coming to tell me all about it! I asked Justin what happened and he had simply closed the refrigerator when she wanted to be in there. It was quite comical.

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