Friday – May 30, 2008

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Woke up to one of the hottest, most humid days thus far. The girls and I went out around 8am to water the gardens. Audrey did a great job watering the front and sides herself then quit in favor of playing. For the first time, Anna walked from the patio all the way to the far garden by herself. This is a huge accomplishment and will hopefully save my back much strain!

E and R came today for the first time. It went surprisingly well. A curious thing about Audrey is her tendency to have intense emotional reactions. Whether she’s happy, sad or angry, she wears her emotions on her sleeve and they are intense. Unfortunately, jealousy seems to be at the top of the list these days. She’s excruciatingly possessive about her things and her people. Especially her room. So, it was not surprise that she had 3 time-outs within an hour of E & R coming. Thankfully, she and E eventually started playing nicely. Audrey introduced E to the world of The Wizard of Oz and I was relegated to the role of the evil witch for the next 2 hours. Of course, Anna and R did their own thing as most second borns tend to do. They are each only 1 year old, but require so much less energy from me, as long as I keep them safe – it’s amazing to me. I think it will all work out fine and the interaction will be great for all the kids.

The girls took good naps and I managed to keep the house clean. It makes such a difference to my mood when I have a clean, organized home. Audrey woke up in a good mood and we watched a little bit of Curly Top before Anna woke up and we had a quick dinner of shells and cheese and chicken nuggets (Justin was at a happy hour). Ventured outside for a fun time in the sandbox (trying to get Anna over her sensitivity to being barefoot in the grass and sand) and then took a walk through the nature club to the common ground. Anna walked all the way down the path holding my hand…another first. The wind was really blowing and we could literally hear the trees talking to us. Wish I could have had more time to listen. Watched the ants, saw a rabbit run from our flower garden, and rolled down the hills. Anna picked her first wildflower (no prompting from me) and was very proud of it. Came in for baths, books and bed. Justin got home just in time for Audrey’s bedtime. I read her a great story about a Friday-brownie from my latest “olden days” book. Makes me want to throw out all of our “modern” ones. She requested “Raindrops on Roses” and “Doe a Deer” for her songs.

I’m sitting here typing in the midst of an amazing thunderstorm. It’s 10pm and the sky is lighting up like daylight. We’ve had more than our share of violent storms this spring.

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