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BIG news at the Fleetwood household. Audrey went pee pee in the toilet on Friday night, last night and 4 times today, including once at church! This is huge news considering before Friday night, if we even suggested sitting on the potty, she resounded with a emphatic, “No!” complete with stomping. She would sit on the potty every once-in-while at Angie’s but never for us at home.

On Friday night I was giving her a bath and noticed her holding herself “down there.” She said, “I have to sit on the toilet,” so I scooped her up and plopped her on the seat. After a few minutes of nothing I put her back in the tub and she immediately said she had to sit on the toilet again. This time she started tinkling immediately. It was so exciting! We called Nana & Gramps, Grandma, Aunt Sarah and Aunt Amy to let them know! Even peanut, moe & freddie had to be informed. I was half-way expecting that it was a one-time thing but she went again last night before bedtime and then 4 times today! We were in Sunday school and she told me she had to go, so we ran to the bathroom with me saying, “hold it, hold it!” She plunked right down on that toilet seat and went! How exciting is that!?!

She doesn’t have a big head or anything, though. After Aunt Nora took her into the bathroom tonight and she went pottie, Audrey said, “you are SO proud!” Then she came in to me and said, (in a little valley girl voice) “OH MY GOSH, MOM! I went pee pee in the toilet!” She gets 5 skittles each time she goes – I think we need to stock up!

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