The Irony of "No!"

by | Mar 21, 2006 | Uncategorized | 2 comments

How can something as innocent as the word “No” be so darn cute and so annoying at the same time? Over the past week or so, Audrey has latched on to this lovely word and is using it with a vengeance. Where it ranges on the cute meter depends on her countenance and attitude when she uses it. “No” can be anything from a sly, I-know- better-don’t-try-to-pull-one-over-on-me to an affirmation of something dangerous to a down and out defiant, hands on the hip declaration of a toddler revolt.

I couldn’t help myself – I created to give you insight into this phase of Audrey’s toddlerhood. The entire footage was taken in the span of a day. TURN YOUR VOLUME UP, enjoy and laugh since it’s not YOU!

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