Barely Breathing – Seeking a Writer’s Assistant

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My deepest apologies, loyal readers, for leaving you hanging the past few months.  I returned from Africa exhausted physically and mentally, but full of ideas for sharing the stories of my journey.  Somehow I let life get in the way.  My “real jobs” have required a lot of my time, and we are just now getting into our new school routines.  Rest assured, I still have my notes and ideas ready, I have just come to the realization that I need a bit of assistance to give this blog and my other writing the focus it deserves.

So, here is the exciting part.  I have a feeling that someone reading this right now knows the perfect person to help me take my words to the next level.  Let me give you the specifics.  This would be an UNPAID position because I have yet to make any money from writing, and any writing I do about Uganda will go to support that mission directly.  However, we can definitely look into getting college credits for it as internship.    So, what I have to offer is experience (a wonderful resume builder) and the satisfaction of working with me in getting my words out to more and more people, building relationships with Christ and others along the way.  Hopefully we will even get a book published!  I have a lot of experience to share and would love to help someone get their feet wet in this industry!

Who I am looking for:  A college-age student would be ideal.  Preferably someone studying communications, PR, or a related field.  They do not have to be local.  I’m sure we could work “virtually,” but someone who comes home to this area would be ideal.  That way we could occasionally meet in person.  It could also be someone who just has some extra time on their hands and wants to be part of something special!  The individual must be a strong writer and have excellent proofreading skills – they will be proofreading my work.  Also they must be very familiar with social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter.  Having graphic design experience would be a plus.  This person will also need to have a strong Christian faith, as that is the topic of much of my writing.  Also, since this person will have access to my email and social media outlets, they must have outstanding character and be worthy of my complete trust.  I’m thinking that it will probably be 5-10 hours of work per week, but it could more if the individual so chooses!  I am very flexible as needed.

What The Job Entails: We will work together to come up with the specifics, but right now I’m thinking that my assistant will:

  • Research related articles/blog posts and share via social media.
  • Maintain my twitter and facebook pages.
  • Research contests and publishing opportunities in my genre.
  • Research book publishing.
  • Submit my articles to publishers/blogs.
  • Help me stay in touch with my readers via email and social media.
  • Assist me in researching/scheduling blog posts.
  • Proofread my work.
  • Help me come up with ideas for marketing and PR.

I’m really excited at the prospect of having a partner to spur me along in this endeavor.  Do you know anyone who might be interested?  If so, have them send me an email at (I did not use the @ so spammers can’t pick up my email) and include their resume along with a few words about why they want this position.  I am praying for just the right person.  Thank you for your help!

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