Tuesday – June 3, 2008

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Sometimes the most simple days are the best. We had nothing planned for today except for my first piano lesson with Margie in the evening, yet it was just THE BEST day. Amazingly, Audrey crawled into bed with me this morning and let me snuggle with her…she never does that. I knew from then on it was going to be great. The girls helped me vacuum and mop the floors without a single fuss. Such an ordinary task, but I just wanted to freeze that moment in time and keep it forever. There I was vacuuming the floors with Audrey pushing her toy vacuum and Anna “sweeping” the floor with her toy broom. We were all working together in harmony and having fun. Afterwards we rewarded ourselves by making Snicker doodles.

At one point we were in our bedroom and Anna sat down and said “poopoo.” Sure enough, she had gone #2 and was telling me! That was a first! During pre-nap story time, Audrey asked me if I had planted the rose bush I bought a few weeks ago. How she remembers stuff like that I’ll never know. I replied, “yes, I did.” Then she says, “Oh, goodie. Now, when it rains, we can sing raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens!” Oh, that reminds me of another funny thing she said a few days ago. It was about 9am
Audrey: “Mom is 8 o’clock early?”
Me: “Well, not really. We usually get up earlier than that.”
Audrey: “Yes, it is early. Let me show you.” She proceeds to go over to a library book called Mother Goose Numbers on the Loose. She flips through until she finds the page she’s looking for.
Audrey: “See mom, here it says, ‘Early in the morning at 8 o’clock, you can hear the postman’s knock.”
Me: “You are absolutely right. I stand corrected!”

Ok, back on track. After naps we went outside to check on the garden and Audrey wanted to look at the thorns on the roses. E came out and asked for Audrey to play on their new slip and slide. The twins were there, too. Great fun was had by all, including Anna who greatly enjoys being the center of attention and wielding ultimate power by deciding who she will and will not let hold her. They all try to get her to say their names and she’s getting quite good!

After dinner I went to Margie’s for my first piano lesson since somewhere around my freshman year in hight school. I don’t know why I stopped playing in the first place, but it has been well over 15 years since I’ve played with any regularity. A few years ago I refinished an old piano that I got for free on freecycle in anticipation of the girls taking lessons some day and thought, “why shouldn’t I get back to playing.” So I am. It was great fun and I impressed myself with how much I’ve retained. Now I just have to find the time to practice every day!

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