The Story {Day 4}

by | Oct 5, 2013 | Anxiety, Uncategorized

Written across the ages, it forms.  Each life, a thread, expertly written across the page. I long to know The Story and my part in it.

Most days, I attempt to write my own plot and protest in frustration when the chapter doesn’t go the way I planned.  Crumpled bits of paper lay strewn behind me, the weight of the deadline looms ahead.

And then I flip back the pages and see that it’s not my words at all.  It was the Author every step along the way.  He never asked for an assistant.  He simply asks me to savor the story as it unfolds.   Today and every day, no matter where the story turns, let me trust the pen in the Author’s hand.

In this 31 day series,  I’ll flit and flutter around the topic
of seeking the still within the boundaries of God’s grace.  I’m open to the
whispers of the wind, so fly with me if you wish!

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