Thank Goodness for Guardian Angels

by | Jul 16, 2007 | Uncategorized

I really do believe that each of has a guardian angel. I’ve been through too many “close calls” to believe otherwise and now I thank God every day for keeping my children safe in spite of me! Call it laziness or stupidity, but I had stopped buckling Anna in her booster seat because she sits up just fine on her own and with the tray there, she’s never going to go anywhere. A week ago, I was putting the breakfast dishes in the sink when I look over at Anna and see Audrey taking the tray off! NEVER did I think about that scenario, but of course Audrey wanted to help me. Just as the words, “Anna isn’t buckled in,” were coming out of my mouth, I helplessly watch Anna tumbled head first off the seat onto the wood floor.

In that 1/2 second so many worst-case scenarios flashed through mind – broken arm or leg or worse, yet, a broken neck. PRAISE GOD that she was just fine. In fact, Audrey and I cried longer than she did and the only visible boo boos were a bruise on her leg and a small goose egg on her head. I called the pediatrician and was advised to watch for signs of a concussion, but thankfully she was just fine. It’s just a reminder how quickly accidents happen and how thankful we should be when we avoid them!

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