Thank Goodness for Grandmas and Good Friends!

by | Dec 20, 2005 | Uncategorized

Justin and his mom went to Washington D.C. this past weekend for Amy’s graduation from Georgetown. When they returned on Sunday, Diane decided to spend the night, again, instead of driving right home. Thank heaven she did! I woke up around 3am sick as a dog. Seems I was struck by the same stomach flu that Audrey had a few days ago. Unfortunately for me, it hit me much harder and longer. Grandma to the rescue!

It’s so easy to take for granted good health. I realized this as I was standing over Audrey trying to change her diaper when the nausea hit, yet again. How do single mom’s do it? Luckily, I had Diane to take over while I lay miserable in bed all day listening to my daughter’s sweet little voice ringing throughout the house and wishing desperately that I could muster the strength to get up and play with her. And I had Angie, who took over the Little Lambs Christmas party that we unfortunately had to miss and brought me soup, pears, and sprite to help get me back on the mend!

I hadn’t been that sick since my all-day sickness during early pregnancy with Audrey. This flu brought all the misery flooding back. One of the first thoughts that entered my head was, “if I get pregnant again, how am I going to manage this kind of sickness and take care of Audrey at the same time?” “Is it worth it?” Well, I know how – with the help and support of the family and friends that I love so dearly! And it IS worth it!

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