Sunday, August 3, 2008

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We witnessed a miracle today! About a week and a half ago, I was picking green beans from the garden when I saw a beautiful blue and green caterpillar attached to one of the green beans. He wasn’t moving and he was in a strange stance with his mouth and end fixed on the bean and his body bending in between. He looked very much alive but perhaps asleep. I wondered if he was in his coma state getting ready to make his cocoon. So, we put him in a bug catcher with a bunch of green bean leaves (in case he really wasn’t ready for his cocoon). Two days later we checked on him and he was gone! In his place in the very same location on the bean was an amazing cocoon. Wow! We were so excited. Each day for the past week we checked on him and today an amazing thing happened. There was a BEAUTIFUL butterfly in the bug catcher. The cocoon was broken open and there he was. I was jumping up and down with joy. The girls let him out and away he flew. What an incredible joy to be witness to that miracle. Thank you , God!

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