Sugar Cookies – A Renewed Tradition

by | Dec 20, 2005 | Uncategorized

I love that I was able to spend so much time at my Grandma and Grandpa Borhart’s farms growing up. It taught me a lot about hard work, but it also taught me about enjoying the simple things in life. Picking pea pods out of the garden and eating them right then and there, seeing the morning glories bloom in the day’s first sunlight, playing in the sheets and towels hanging on the outdoor clothesline, bringing Grandpa and Uncle Clark their afternoon snack and ice-cold bottles of 7-Up, trying to stay away from the electric fences, playing in the barn, climbing up on the hay bales – always cautious of the holes in the barn floor. And sugar cookies…lots of sugar cookies!

This past weekend, my friend Angie and I decided to have a Christmas cookie making party. What made us think we were going to do this with a 3 year-old, 16 month-old, and 6 week-old, I don’t know! Actually, it was very fun and in addition to the yummy cookie dough and great company, it brought back a lot of fun memories about Grandma Borhart.

You see, most of my sugar cookie memories seem to have taken place at Grandma Borhart’s. When I was in kindergarten through 4th grade, we were lucky enough to live in the same town as Grandma and Grandpa and we went to their house before & after school. I remember making LOTS of sugar cookies at their house. It was one of my favorite things to do there and I now have new appreciation for Grandma’s patience with us during our sugar-cookie baking time!

As I was rolling out sugar cookie dough this past weekend, while trying to keep little hands out of it, I realized that while I’m sure Grandma had other reasons for making those cookies, she must have mostly done it for us. A simple recipe with lots of love is worth the mess, worth the time, and makes great memories! As I continue on the path of motherhood, I hope that I can remember to stop and smell the sugar-cookies a little bit more often. Audrey deserves it!

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