When Resolutions Are Made To Be Broken

by | Jan 5, 2017 | Parenting

“Mommy, will you play pet shops with me?” the little voice pleads. I sigh and look up from the computer, stare at my to-do list a mile long. I begin to utter the familiar words, “Not right now sweetheart. Maybe in a little awhile.” Then I remember. Soon I will be the one begging for time spent together. Soon playing with mom will be the last thing on her list.

I look at my list again.  It is filled with the demands that make my days speed by too quickly, as I rush around without taking the time to be still. Work to pay the bills that keep coming. Chores to clean the house that will get dirty once again. New Years resolutions to keep.

My words catch in my throat. “Yes, darling.  I will come and play with you.” Her eyes widen with the surprising answer. “You will?!?” She skips merrily down the hall, and I know that for once I got it right. I made the right choice.

The work and the chores will still be there waiting for me. I’ll always have goals about exercising more, eating better, or whatever the New Year has challenged me to do. But for now I am going to sit on the floor with this precious one, stare into her eyes with wonder, and be part of her world. It may not have been in my plans, but sometimes plans are made to be broken.

Friend, do you have plans or resolutions that need to be broken today?



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