Put On Your Big Girl Panties and Deal With It!

by | Jan 31, 2007 | Anxiety, Uncategorized

I’m feeling very thankful today. We had a Parents As Teachers visit this morning with Miss Melanie and both girls are doing very well. Audrey is way ahead and Anna is right on track for a wee little one. Both girls have had a cold for the past few days, but other than that we’ve been in a nice little groove. Anna even slept for 8 hours a few nights ago!

A few weeks ago when I was in one of my “funks,” a few dearly loved family members shared some things with me to help me put it all in perspective. My Aunt Judie sent me a quote that she has on a poster at work that says, “Put on your Big Girl Panties and deal with it!” A funny reminder that so much of what we stew about just isn’t worth the negative energy in the long run. Dana, Justin’s cousin, sent me a link to a blog that she reads when she’s having a rough day with her boys. Here it is: http://www.noahsteven.blogspot.com/ Just a warning that you will be in tears after reading it. Makes you realize just how fragile life is and how much we sweat the small stuff when we really should just suck it up and let it roll off our backs. We really are blessed.

In related news, Justin is no longer going to run the marathon this spring because he’s the best, most considerate husband in the world. He asked me if I really didn’t want him to run it right now and I said, “I want YOU to decide that you really shouldn’t run it right now!” Ha! Anyway, he’s going to wait until the girls are a little older and I’m thrilled that he won’t be away for hours every Saturday any more.

Work is going ok. I’ve been taking Anna to Angie’s now because it was just too stressful to have her with me at work. I was always worried that she would start crying and bother everyone else (even though everyone LOVED having her there). It’s just easier to be able to focus on work up at the church, so I can focus on my family when I’m home. Once again, I marvel at how content I am with my life right now. Not even the hormones can keep me down. Hope you’re lovin life, too!

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