Loving and Living Spring

by | Mar 20, 2009 | Uncategorized

Dear Spring,

Oh, how we have been anticipating your arrival. You have teased us with near summer-like days that turned into bone-shivering chills. Though you have officially arrived now, we know your winds are restless and change on whim. While your warmth and promise may disappear tomorrow, for today we are reveling in your blue skies, windy breath and sunshine. Thank you for sweeping us into your arms and letting us sail along with you. In celebration of your arrival, here is how we spent our day:

~Waking to the sounds of birds merrily chirping and blue skies beckoning out the window.
~Marveling at the simplicity of new giant pinwheels as a surprise gift in celebration of spring
~Watching those pinwheels spin and spin until the colors blurred and it seemed as though they just might take off from the ground.
~Spinning round and round while magic bubbles spilled from our wands and the winds carried them away.
~Chasing Anna and she chased birds all around the neighborhood simply in the earnest quest to “hold one!”
~Sidewalk chalk messages of our love for family and pictures of spring and rebirth
~A picnic lunch on a grassy hill as a cardinal serenaded us from above.
~Speechless wonder as the most giant hawk I’ve ever seen glided right above us so closely that I feared he might be seeing us as dinner.
~Baking brownies and fighting to get every last lick of yummy batter.

And all of this before 1pm in the afternoon! Amazingly, this wonderful day was filled with special memories and no special effort. All this beauty and stillness happening on our plot of earth. No car, no noise, no schedule. Only childhood, nature, and wonder. As I type these words, my wind chimes are playing me a unique melody and my ears strain for sounds of a little one waking from a sleepy nap. Evening beckons with the promise of dinner with friends and all is well with the world. Happy spring.

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