Gracefully Seeking the Still {31 Days}

by | Oct 1, 2013 | Uncategorized

Schedules.  Deadlines.  Weary and overwhelmed.  If the snapshot of your life reflects the frazzled and the frustrated, then we are kindred spirits, indeed.  I know all too well that Seeking the Still can easily sound like another thing to add to an already overflowing to-do list.  But what if Seeking the Still isn’t about doing more…   What if we offered a bit of grace to ourselves and explored how God uses the knock-down, drag-out days to show us that The Still is right there waiting...

the 31 days of October, I’m pondering the idea of GRACEFULLY Seeking
the Still.  Not with the grace of the dancer, but with the Grace of the
God who offers it to us.  Not by doing more, but by peering through a new lens.  Let’s take a stroll down the path of grace and see where the journey leads.

This is the first post
in a 31 day series.  We’ll flit and flutter around the topic of seeking the
still within the boundaries of God’s grace.  I’m open to
the whispers of the wind, so fly with me if you wish!

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