Can it really be this easy?

by | Feb 8, 2007 | Uncategorized

So, I just wrote about Audrey starting to use the toilet for the first time 6 days ago. For the past 4 days she has been completely dry. She has used the toilet (for both #1 and #2) every single time she had to go except during the night. She’s even wearing underwear. Just like that, in less than a week! We don’t even have to ask her if she has to go. She lets us know on her own. It’s really amazing.

I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised. In every situation where we were fearful of all the horror stories, i.e. taking away the binky, not using a bottle anymore, moving from the crib to toddler bed to big girl bed, Audrey has adapted with such ease that we often wondered if something was wrong! I’m a bit scared that her mellow, adaptability now is going to revert at some point (teen age years?) and we’ll get paid back in spades. Be that as it may, we’re enjoying it right now!

I’m not naive enough to think that she won’t regress a little at some point, but really it’s pretty amazing that she caught on so fast. I didn’t believe people when they said, “when she’s ready, she’s ready,” but I guess it’s really true! We’re so proud of her and thrilled to be almost done with buying diapers for 2 kids!

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