Busy Bees

by | Sep 5, 2007 | Uncategorized

I know that every parent thinks their children are amazing, but that’s never going to dilute the awe I feel when I see the miracles we have been blessed with.

Anna, at 9 months, is growing into her own little personality. She is the happiest baby I’ve ever seen. She practices words with a quiet “dada” and a loud “MAWWW!” when she’s mad! I’m sure that she’s using words consciously, but Justin is skeptical. Regardless, it’s just too cute. Her smile lights up the world. At her 9 month appointment last week she was 18.5 pounds and 28 inches long. She’s getting x-rays of her hips this week to see if there might be some bone issues with the way her legs are growing. Hopefully, not! We’re practicing getting up on hands and knees and pulling herself up. She wants to keep up with Audrey so badly! No teeth, yet, but I think I see two on the bottom trying to poke through!

Audrey continues to amaze us, as well. She just turned 3 and she talks like she’s 10. Today at lunch we had what could be categorized as a philosophical discussion about heaven.
Audrey: “Mom, how will I get to be with my angel, again?”
Me: “Well, your angel is always with you, but you’ll see her again when you go to heaven.”
Audrey: “When will I go to heaven, Mom?”
Me: “We don’t know that honey, but heaven is a wonderful place. You don’t have to worry about it.”
Audrey: “Well I know. Jesus will make us die (she’s still a little confused about this) and he’ll take us to heaven to be with him and our angel.”
Me: Thinking this is getting out of my comfort zone really fast. “Jesus made it possible for us to live forever in heaven! We’ll all be in heaven together someday, sweetie.”
Audrey:” “I don’t want to go to heaven, Mom”
Me: “Let’s not worry about it right now. Why don’t we finish our lunch and have dessert!”

Yikes! Anyway, Audrey’s in love with Shirley Temple and Cinderella and has enough energy to keep up with the energizer bunny. She’s starting dance classes next week and I just know we’re in for a very special year. Her favorite saying lately has been, “I want to be just like my Mom!” Poor child! And she’s not kidding, either. She mimics EVERYTHING I do from the way I hold Anna on my hip to the color of clothes that I wear to the color of cup that I drink from to the tone of my voice. This phase has made my decision to stay home all the more right in my eyes. She’s picking up habits that (good or bad) will stay with her the rest of her life and I’m blessed to be able to be the one helping that process along.

It’s not all roses and pussy cats, though. The green-eyed monster is starting to rear it’s ugly head in terms of sibling jealousy. We’re dealing with some pushing and pulling, although it’s really minor. I know that this too shall pass. Most of all it’s just fun to be with them and know that I won’t have to miss any more of the “firsts” or the “lasts!”

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