by | Mar 20, 2009 | Anxiety, Uncategorized

It seems only right to unveil this blog on the first day of spring. The external world is awakening and I find myself being swept along with it. Spring signifies a rebirth of spirit to me and that is also what I’m seeking with this blog.

For the past few years, I have been blogging (on and off) at Pixy Mom about our daily lives in an effort to keep alive the memories that seem too often to fade into the corners of my mind. I struggled to be consistent in blogging – blaming it on being busy. However, after much introspection, I think it was more a combination of my procrastination and perfectionism winning over the desire to put my words in print. The past 6 months have been a time of healing and enlightenment for me. I’ve always heard that the age 30 is one of those special times in a lifetime where a shift occurs. That certainly held true for me. Where materialism, black and white thinking and need to please others used to live, I now find a new desire for simplicity, new ideas, and a growing sense of who I really am, apart from how the world sees me.

In light of this new awakening, I found the need to have a space where I can challenge myself to seek the still. To find purpose and meaning in the most simple of places, but in most extraordinary ways. I’m growing, I’m awakening, and I’m learning to seek the still.

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