The Cost of “Keeping It Together” 

Once upon a time, I spent my life achieving, controlling, and plowing through challenges to prove my worth.  I was the quintessential first born – a perfectionist, over-achieving, people-pleaser.  

Those strengths served me well and were also my undoing.

I looked in the mirror at the familiar face with the empty eyes.

Anxiety, stress, and insomnia became dark shadows that covered my days and terrorized my nights.

I realized I couldn’t remember the last time I felt joy.

Daily panic attacks slayed me &

I began to withdraw from life.


Never Alone


And so began a long winter of my soul. I kissed my husband and girls goodbye, stepped out of the car and into a hospital for an evaluation. 


I spent a lot of time on the bathroom floor and reached out to truly grasp my Savior’s hand for the first time.


I felt him whisper, “Do you want to feel peace and joy again?  You can’t work your way out of this one on your own.  Be Still and Know that I am God.”


Writer, Speaker, Encourager




How Others Describe Me

Trustworthy, talented, caring, insightful, compassionate, brave, deep thinker, complex, yet very funny and normal:)


I Am Mostly Known For

Writing, speaking, faith, empathy, and having a loving spirit.


People often ask for my help with:

Coping with anxiety, putting faith into practice, spiritual and emotional concerns, learning about themselves, all kinds of struggles.


You, too?



There is hope  +  You are not alone


I will email you the MOST POWERFUL MOMENTS & TURNING POINTS I experienced in my journey through anxiety and burnout. I promise that you are not alone.

Be Still,



Come as you are. It’s the only way.