52 Weeks of Still

As I wrote about in Why I Seek The Still, I am an achiever.  My days begin at zero with to-do lists a mile long.  I yearn for time to connect with God, with others, with myself, but it is completely contrary to my nature to do so.  The over-achieving, perfectionist tendencies that have earned me much respect, have also created a void that I dream of filling. 

For a long time, my head has known that I need to find a way to balance these needs, but the demands of everyday life maintain their pull on me and finally required divine interruption to get my attention.

So…I am laying it all down, admitting that I can not do it on my own, and am ready to embark upon a quest to seek 52 weeks of still.  One post a week for one year.  Each post to contain a musing about my current efforts to live in the moment, to find the divine in the ordinary, and to seek the stillness that lets God’s voice be heard over the din of life.  Will you join me?

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